2019 USA WAO Team

The US Open, will be held in Jacksonville, FL  in November 2018, and is the tryout event for the WAO Team USA.

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Loretta Mueller | Team USA Coach

Loretta Mueller is the 2019 Team USA Coach. She has been involved in agility since starting with her rescue dog Ace in 2004. Since then she has ran Border Collies and also trained Crackers the JRT who was on the WAO team as the #1 win on for the 300’s in past years. Crackers has represented the WAO Team USA every year since 2013, winning many medals.

She has achieved 3 ADCH’s (also several Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze ADCH’s) She has been a Silver Medalist at the Cynosport World Championships. And is no stranger to the finals, having ran multiple dogs in all 3 finals (Grand Prix, Steeplechase and DAM Team) many years in a row. She has also won top spots at USDAA Regionals.

She has also been the Assistant Coach for the 2014 IFCS Team USA who competed in the Netherlands.

Loretta teaches agility full time, in Minnesota, at Full Tilt Dog Training. She also gives seminars all over the US, Mexico and Canada as well as online classes through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

Dave Grubel | Team USA Assistant Coach

Dave Grubel is the 2019 assistant coach.  He has been involved in agility since 1999 with his first dog, an Australian Shepherd, Tahoe.  He later started competing with his Border Collie, Killy and then Aussies Boca and Elektra.

Dave has earned multiple championships titles on his past and current dogs, across USDAA, AKC and ASCA. Dave also judges agility for USDAA, UKI and ASCA.

Dave has been on six agility world teams throughout his career with Boca, including WAO, IFCS and EO, and earned individual and team medals at both IFCS and WAO. Dave was the IFCS Team USA Assistant Coach in 2014 and the IFCS CCOE Team USA coach in 2013.

Outside of agility, Dave has a full time day job, managing digital payments at a major financial institution.

Ivette White | Team USA Manager

Ivette White is the 2019 team manager.  She has been involved in agility since 1996 when she started competing with her Dalmatian, Reese. She later started competing with her Jack Russell Terrier, Dasher and added two more Jacks to her pack, Zip and Zorro.  In 2013 she added a toy poodle, Roxy, to the family.

Ivette has earned ADCh’s on all four of her current dogs and they have been on USDAA’s Top Ten list numerous times.  Ivette has also been to the finals at many Cynosport events making it to the podium on several occasions.

Ivette has been on nine agility world teams at IFCS and WAO throughout her career with Zip and Roxy.  She has earned individual and team medals at both IFCS and WAO.

Ivette is a OneMind Dogs assistant coach and teaches agility part time and also has a full time day job managing her and her husband’s tech startup company.


Team to be announced after the event.  Stay tuned!!